Sunday, March 22, 2015

Further thoughts about Presbytery doing a territory wide media ministry

Pastors need help in educating their own congregations.  If they can go refer their congregations to a more localized media ministry that pastors could have a part in developing and sustaining.  Pastors could be in control of the outcome better.  People are looking at the internet a great deal.  They might as well as look at their pastor's sermons being preached than many other things.  It would be good for them to listen to other minister's sermons within the Presbytery, also.

Facebook, as I understand it, one can advertise locally to every Facebook account holder in a given area.   Facebook has become widely used as a place to present messages and receive messages.  If my radio ministry idea was to come fruition video from a call in talk show would be put up on in certain area on every Facebook account holder news feed section everyday.  If this is done consistently many people will listen and watch the programming.  It may lead some people to actually to start attending a local reformed Presbyterian church.  Google could be utilized perhaps even for localized outreach also.  I will check about Google, also.

Former pastor of Covenant Presbyterian in Jackson, TN is now pastor at Westminster Presbyterian in Rock Tavern, NY Kevin Chiarot is on the radio some with Redeemer Broadcasting in New York.  He has his sermons on a couple times a week.  Also, he has been on with Dan Elmendorf to talk about his book Shepherding the Wind.  It is his sermons he did at Covenant in Jackson, TN over Ecclesiastes in book form.  I have talked with Dan Elmendorf the head of Redeemer Broadcasting in Olivebridge, NY.  They are local focused in their outreach to their communities.  I think that Covenant Presbytery should have him brought down to speak to a Presbytery meeting to speak about what Redeemer Broadcasting is doing in New York.  I will go further and say maybe he needs offered a position of starting a radio ministry in our part of the country.  Those New Yorkers took Kevin Chiarot away from us.  Maybe, we can take Dan Elmendorf away from them.  I am sure their would be someone who could step into the position he has currently has.  This is some thoughts to consider for the members of the Covenant Presbytery.