Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Take up your cross and follow Christ

Celebrity is shunned among the reformed.  There is much that is wrong about celebrity.   However, Jesus became a celebrity with his miracles and preaching.   Many televangelists have garnered celebrity status.  However, where they are different than our Lord is they do not drive the crowds away with truth.  Rather, they find ways to assure that the crowds remain.  Our Lord did utilize the means of becoming a celebrity. but he drove the crowds away, also.  John 6 he talked about eating His flesh and drinking His blood that drove the entire group away except His immediate disciples.   What is different about reformed pastors?  They only know how to run crowds off.   Our Lord gathered them and ran them off.    The balance to this in our day would be the radio ministry idea I have.  It would help gather the crowds then you reformed pastors can run those crowds off.   However, out of those crowds there maybe some of God's elect that will stay.   We reformed should not fear celebrity.  We should not fear taking up the cross to follow Christ.  Celebrity for a really righteous reformed preacher may lead to problems like our Lord had.  Is that what you reformed ministers fear about holy celebrity?  Then are you reformed preachers really taking up your cross and following Christ?