Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Five points of Calvinism"

Is anyone ready for a God that demands praise to be sincerely from the heart?  Is anyone ready for a God that has that praise be a part of His eternal plan?  Yes, if God makes one ready to praise Him for His glorious Grace.
 I had a discussion with an unbeliever about sovereign grace.   He said that idea would be great for those who would have the positive benefit from it.  However, it would be really bad for one who is not predestined to heaven.  Obviously, He considered the idea unfair.  Now, before I was talking to him about sovereign grace in particular.  He said he wanted to believe in the Bible God, but he could not.  He thought such a God sounds wonderful.  However,  his tone changed when I started describing the sovereign grace of God.  His idea of the Bible God was a misunderstanding on how God operates and what kind of God that there is.  Once the information about was conveyed the Bible God did not seem so attractive to him.  
The god in our bible belt is not the God of scripture.  My unbelieving friend was so happy with idea if he became a Christian he would be well received in the bible belt.  I told him that we Reformed Presbyterians are not so well received in the "bible belt."    That is particularly true when we discuss certain things like sovereign grace.   They do not say simply that is an interesting idea, but we do not think it is biblical, though.  There is much more emotion tied to the detailed explanation of sovereign grace, usually.  Whether in a church or out of church the gospel is hated even in the bible belt. God must change the heart to believe the truth.